Beware of “Stern, Young & Partners”

September 7, 2021By Mark SmithTrade Marks

UK trade mark owners should be very wary of renewal “invitations” sent by a party trading as “Stern, Young & Partners”. Trade mark registrations become eligible for renewal six months before the deadline (which falls every 10 years on the anniversary of the application date). Typically, “Stern, Young & Partners” will remind owners of the … Read More

WIPO PROOF – Protect the Products of your Innovation

February 16, 2021By Mark SmithCopyright, Patents, Registered Designs, Trade Marks, Trade Secrets, Unregistered IP No Comments

Registered intellectual property rights, such as patents, registered designs, or trade marks, are a powerful deterrent to competitors who may be “inspired” by your brand or technology. This is in large part because they are considered prima facie valid; this means, in essence, that they are valid until proven otherwise (usually by the person you’re … Read More

Harrison IP has a French Office

September 15, 2020By Mark SmithBrexit, Trade Marks No Comments

With a no deal Brexit at the end of the current transition period now a distinct possibility, the EUIPO has recently clarified what we already suspected: that holders of European Union Trade Mark Registrations (EUTMs) with UK representatives will require an EU-based representative. Harrison IP has planned ahead for this eventuality. We established a French … Read More

Brexit and your IP rights

September 5, 2020By Mark SmithBrexit

As with so much else at the moment, the UK’s timetable for withdrawal from the European Union following the current transition period has been thrown into uncertainty by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, our clients and international associates can rest assured that in all possible Brexit scenarios, Harrison IP will remain your reliable partner in all … Read More