All work is performed by widely experienced staff - the person you meet is the person who will do the work.

We have broad experience of offering a consultancy service in which one of our attorneys will essentially act as in-house counsel, based in client offices as and when suits the individual client's needs.


We encourage close contact with clients such as regular face-to-face meetings which are free of charge.

We provide advice to clients in a commercial context, suggesting an IP strategy in line with the client's business objectives.

Cost Effective

We provide clear, highly competitive costs with no hidden charges. We are committed to avoiding jargon and presenting our advice in plain English.

We invest in the latest IT systems to increase efficiency and to produce cost savings which are passed on to our clients.


We offer complimentary training sessions in order to educate and update clients' in-house personnel (e.g. marketing staff) on intellectual property processes and developments.


We offer a forward-thinking, fresh alternative to more traditional IP practices.

Established in 2006, Our unique approach to the provision of intellectual property services (including patents, trade marks, designs, copyright, domain names and company names) has led to rapid expansion of the firm since its inception.

We now comprise several attorneys, all of whom are experienced in offering sound and cost effective commercial advice. Harrison IP is a progressive firm with a modern approach to provision of intellectual property services.


Helping untangle the Intellectual Property web.

We'll help you keep up to date with the latest IP news and laws.