Designs and Copyright

  • Our attorneys have considerable experience in all aspects of the law relating to designs, including registered designs, unregistered design rights and copyright. We have dealt with design issues for products like toys, medical devices, footwear and clothing, containers for food and drink as well as shaped foods, and lighting systems.
  • We advise on every aspect of designs, including searches for registered rights throughout the world, particularly in Europe, UK and USA.
  • We can file registered design applications throughout the world, and advise on infringement and revocation of registered rights.
  • We can handle the renewals of your design registrations, as well as the transfer (assignment) of rights and the granting of licences.
  • Strategic advice can be provided on the management of design portfolios, including advising on budgeting.
  • Advice can be provided on copyright entitlement , correct notification and enforcement of copyright.
  • Our specialist copyright attorneys are Anne LacazeAlec Messulam and Julia D'Arcy


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